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April 2013

SolarWall Delivers More Heat


A SolarWall 2-Stage system can out perform 

an equivalent single stage SolarWall heater by up to 

50% in high-wind conditions and deliver temperature


rises up to 50°C (90°F) over ambient. After the air passes through the first stage of standard SolarWall system, the solar preheated air rises to a narrow cavity between the glazing and the second 

SolarWall section. The preheated air then passes through a second


set of SolarWall perforations, further increasing the temperature. After the second stage of heating, the air travels to the fab inlet or HVAC unit as it would with the single stage SolarWall system. By incorporating a two stage system, the air passes through the perforated panels twice which dramatically increases the heat gain.


 Shows and Events  

Phase Change Energy

April 25-27 Las Vegas MBCEA Show

June 20-22 Denver, AIA National Conference

Sept 25-27 Nashville

Oct. 1-3 Atlanta, Metalcon


Ciralight Sun Tracker Skylights

LightFair international, Philadelphia Convention Center April 23-25


Ciralight Sun Tracker Skylights and Phase Change Energy

Singapore Building Show(Gary, pls. add details)

Thailand Building Show(Gary,pls. add details)

Phase Change Energy, Ciralight Sun Trackers and Solar Wall 

Nov. 20-22 San Francisco, Greenbuild


LaFontaine Chevrolet Selects Ciralight

LaFontaine Chevrolet, well known for its environmentally friendly dealerships, selected the Ciralight Smart Skylights to be part of its new showroom. The active skylights provided a way to provide abundant light at no cost. Says Jason Bloom, of Bloom Engineering, who helped to specify in the lights, the Ciralights offered us a way to provide a balanced level of lighting with little or no heat gain or glare for more hours per day than any of the alternatives. Even though they are only providing sunlight, they appear almost like a strong electric light. They are a subtle reinforcement to LaFontaine’s strong commitment to energy conservation.

Bio PCMat Installed at Portland State University

To elimate the need for air conditioning during the fall and spring, Portland State University and Blazer Industries have integrated Phase Change Energy's BioPcMat into their modular school buildings. The BioPcMat was selected based on test results from other buildings where the BioPCMat was able to effectively eliminate internal heat build-up and improve occupant comfort.

Gary and Kammy Choo receive Green Mark certificate.

Gary and Kammy Choo of GreenTree Products Asia Pte, LTD., Ciralights exclusive distributor for Singapore, Malaysia and portions of Indonesia, secured the Singapore Green Building Council certification. The certification is based on Ciralights SunTracker's capability to bring abundant, consistent natural sunlight into building interiors throughout the day; and Ciralight Globals commitment to environmental practices throughout their own operations. Gary Choo, the Managing Director of GreenTree Products Pte, Ltd. stated With our local inventory, technical support, and experienced installers, we were already seeing strong interest and demand. Now, with the Singapore Green Mark certification, customers understand that Ciralight SunTrackers are endorsed as an environmentally approved product.  


December 19, 2011: Singapore 

Suntracker™ Skylights Picked for Singapore Hawker Center

The Ciralight Suntracker skylights were selected as part of Singapore's Hawker Centers Upgrading Programme (HUP). The upraded centers are designed to be larger and more comfortable, “with energy-efficient features that make full use of natural lighting to cut energy consumption.” The Ciralight products have been selected for three different hawker center projects.

Phase Change Energy Solutions Invited to Join Regenerative Network

Phase Change Energy is now a member of the Regenerative Network, a group of innovative, visionary companies who provide superior green products and services. Only one company per category is accepted into the Network and membership is by invitation only. To become a member PCES had to go through a careful selection process including a quadruple-bottom-line assessment of product and service offerings and differentiated sustainable performance.

Founded by David Gottfried, who also founded the U.S. Green Building Council and World Green Building Council. It is composed of “the drivers of sustainable building who are creating the vision, the processes and the technology for a sustainable future.” Says Network website.


 December 15, 2011: Singapore

Suntracker™ Skylights Receive Singapore Green Mark Certification

The Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)’s Green Mark Building Product Certification Scheme is Singapore’s only dedicated green building product certification program. It supports the BCA Green Mark Scheme for buildings,  a meaningful differentior of efficiency and sustainability. 

“With Green Mark Certification, building owners using the Ciralight Smart Suntracker skylights  are now eligible for  government subsidies.  Green Mark also encourages developers of government building projects to use Suntracker skylights in both new construction and upgrades.” Said Gary Choo, the Managing Director for GreenTree Products Pte, Ltd in Singapore.  The certification recognizes that the Suntracker Smart Skylights are resource efficient, have a low environmental impact and provide for a healthy, productive workplace.  “Both my sister Kammy and I worked on this for months.  It is gratifying to finally receive the certification,” Gary added.

The SunTracker Smart Skylight help reduce a building’s environmental impact in a variety of ways:
-- By extending the time per day that natural light can be used as compared to other skylights. 
-- By enabling them to reduce their electrical lighting by keeping lights off.  
-- By reducing the heating load on the building as the triple glazed Suntracker skylights have a strong .35   

GreenTree Pte, Ltd is a joint venture with Green Tree Products and Technologies.


 December 8, 2011: California

Ciralight Global Completes Major Sale to Caterpillar Belgium

Ciralight Global (OTC:DB:CGHA), developer and manufacturer of the patented energy saving Ciralight SunTracker, and the only global provider of solar powered daylighting products capable of turning off electric interior lights for up to 10 hours a day, reported today that its European Division, Ciralight Europe, has concluded a deal to install its solar powered Ciralight SunTracker daylighting system at the headquarters of Caterpillar Europe, in Grimbergen, Belgium with installation set for the first week of January, 2012. 

“Caterpillar EMEA, Grimbergen, is one of the leading companies in Europe with over 89 branches,” said Alain Dujardin, Business Manager International EPS - Ciralight Europe. “Although the Company has made hundreds of installations around the world, the sale to Caterpillar is being seen in Europe as a pilot project and we expect that Suntracker will become the standard in all future Caterpillar construction projects and will be specified for retrofit in existing buildings.  

“Caterpillar engineers compared the cost of installing solar panels to the ROI of Ciralight Suntrackers as presented by Ciralight,” continued Dujardin, “and decided there was more value in installing high efficiency and lower cost Suntrackers, which use solar powered GPS technology and mirrors to track the sun throughout the day to illuminate building interiors with abundant natural daylight. Others members of the EMEA are observing and are interested in this installation and the results, which will be obvious soon thereafter"


 October 26, 2011: California

Cal Utility Companies Approve Suntrackers For Their "Saving By Design" Program

Ciralight's Suntracker have been approved by the California Utility Companies as an Energy Saving Product and will now be included in the State Wide program known as Savings By Design. Savings By Design identifies high-performance energy efficiency products and encourages Utility Customers to include Savings By Design products in their building design and construction. Read more.


 October 7, 2011: Toronto, Canada
bioPCmat™ Selected As Top 10 Product at Greenbuild 2011, a weblog devoted to the future of design selected bioPCmat as one of the top products at the prestigious Greenbuild Show in Toronto. In their review they point out, “BioPCM is not an insulation, but rather is used with insulation to regulate temperature more efficiently than by simply increasing insulation mass. For example, these sheets are comparable to using 12" of concrete as a thermal barrier, but are lightweight, flexible, thin, and easily installed.” Read more.


 July 29, 2011: Chicago, Illinois
PCES Releases New Restaurant & Small Business Applications Brochure

Restaurants and small businesses have been a fast growing segment for Phase Change Energy Solutions, Inc. Find out why in this new four page brochure highlighting, available return on investment, installation alternatives, fire testing and more. Short and easy-to-read, the brochure gives you a short and organized overview on how PCES’s bioPCmat™ can help reduced operating costs. Pls. contact us for more detailed information on installations and case studies.


 July 1, 2011: Chicago, Illinois
GreenTree Products Asia Pte, LLC Opens in Singapore

Operation To Provide Local Technical and Logistics Support For clean tech products like Phase Change Energy Solutions’ bioPCmat™ products and Ciralight Global’s Smart Skylight Systems 

Green Tree Products and Technologies, Ltd is pleased to formation of a Singapore-based company to be majority owned and directed by Gary Choo, a Singapore citizen who has long been involved in the building industry. The Singapore company, GreenTree Products Asia Pte Ltd. was established to service the specific needs of architects and builders working in the tropical climate of the ASEAN region.

The Singapore office started from local interest in the bioPCmat™ product from Phase Change Energy Solutions, Inc . From there, interest quickly spread to include Ciralight Global’s Sun Tracker Smart skylights.

“Both of these products offer local businesses new ways to conserve significant amounts of energy,” said Singapore Managing Director, Gary Choo, adding, “ the bioPCM-based bioPCmat building products go one step beyond insulation in offering businesses a new way to reduce AC costs. The innovative Ciralight Suntrackers are a solar powered lighting solution for building interiors that reduce lighting costs and save energy..”

For US-based parent company, Green Tree Products and Technologies, LLC, the Singapore office provides a way to advance the group’s perspective and problem solving capability. Said Sam Cremin, Green Tree Products and Technology’s Managing Director, “Short-term, our US experience will help the Singapore team to provide “best-in-class” application support for their ASEAN customers. Longer term, the Singapore operation will help us advance our application knowledge and our ability to service our customers with innovative value-added solutions.”

Green Tree Products and Technologies, LLC is already active in Japan through Green Tree Products Japan, LLC which was founded with Shin Kishioka, President of ITA, Inc and Shoen Kishioka, the Chairman of ITA, Inc.

For more information contact Kammy Choo in Singapore or Sam Cremin in the United States.

________        ________        ________

Phase Change Energy Solutions Inc. makes a variety of bioPCM™ based building products as well as a variety of thermal control products for thermal food transport and hot and cold pads for a variety of applications.

Ciralight Global, Inc. Is a clean energy technology company that manufactures Suntracker Smart Skylights using Solar powered GPS sun-tracking technology and mirrors to track the sun throughout the day and naturally illuminate building interiors throughout the day. 

Green Tree Products and Technologies, LLC is an Illinois-based company focused on providing cost-effective green technology products and services for businesses, government buildings and builders.

ITA, Inc. is an Illinois-based company and provides a broad range of corporate IT solutions and business consulting to many Japanese companies working in the Midwest region as well as for companies moving into new markets overseas. 


 February 15, 2011:  Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced Monday at a special press conference the launch of a new City program that will eventually seek to retrofit every City of Los Angeles building with energy efficient products and implementing innovative renewable technologies.

LA Mayor Villaraigosa Speaks at Vineyard Recreation Center:
Surrounded by community leaders, City Department heads and supporters of creating Green Jobs at the Vineyard Recreation Center in Los Angeles, The Mayor unveiled the details of the City's new retrofit program and some of the green products the city will be using to make the City more energy efficient, including Ciralight Global's energy saving Smart Skylights.

Ciralight Global's Smart Skylight On Display at Press Conference:
Ciralight Global's Smart Skylights are a Solar Powered Lighting Solution that provides FREE light for buildings and will allow the City to shut off costly electric lights during daytime hours.

This could cut lighting costs for the City by as much as 50-80% resulting in huge cost savings. Smart Skylights utilize solar powered GPS technology and mirrors to track the sun throughout the day and bring high levels of natural light into buildings. Smart Skylight users can shut off their electric lights for up to 10.5 hours per day.

The result is a bright, abundant healthy natural free source of light, just as nature intended.

Smart Skylights are already being used by some of the Country's largest retailers, businesses and school districts including Whole Foods, IKEA, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Emerson, LG, Frito Lay, LAUSD, Los Angeles Community College District, Staples, Office Depot, Sky Harbor Airport, The US Navy and more.

Studies show that people thrive in naturally lit buildings including higher work productivity, less absenteeism, higher test scores in schools and increased sales in retail stores. Due to energy savings and tax and utility incentives, the Payback period for Ciralight's Energy saving Smart Skylights are typically between 2-3 years and provide more energy savings than installing Solar Panels.

The Press Conference was attended by Jeff Brain, CEO of Ciralight Global and Best Contractors, a Ciralight Global Dealer that serves as a contractor for the City of Los Angeles. Jeff Brain stated, "Due to the economy, the City of Los Angeles will not be building many new buildings in the near future.

This program however, recognized the value to go back and make the thousands of buildings already owned by the City more Energy Efficient and to cut future costs for taxpayers. Ciralight Global Smart Skylights are the perfect new green product for Los Angeles and other cities looking to reduce energy costs."

Ciralight CEO Jeff Brain Introduces the SunTracker to Villaraigosa:
Watch for Ciralight Global's energy saving Smart Skylights as they begin appearing in Los Angeles' facilities to bring renewable, sustainable energy savings to the City of Angels. 

For more information on Ciralight Smart Skylights or contact Green Tree Products here.


November 23, 2010:  Chicago, Illinois
Green Tree Products and Technologies completes screen testing of its first high capacity thermal storage system using Phase Change Energy Solutions ThermaMat products.  It was developed in partnership with YourSolarHome, Inc.  Canada's largest manufacturer of solar air heating systems. Our two systems work in tandem. On one sunny winter day, our systems can collect and store enough excess heat from YourSolarHome's SolarSheat solar thermal collector to heat a small home/garage throughout the day and still deliver 5,800 BTUs of heat after the sun has set.  

With the enhanced Solarsheat and thermal storage products in development, a 20% increase in both the collected and retained heat from the sun will be achieved.  We are now looking at making a variety of configurations off this basic product platform for YourSolarHome and other international partners.


  November 16-18, 2010:  Greenbuild Exhibition, Chicago, Illinois

Green Tree partners, Ciralight Global, Phase Change Energy Solutions and Solar Wall, will all be showing their industry leading technologies at this global show sponsored by the US Green Building Council.  Please contact us to set-up an appointment to see their newest products.


 November 10-12, 2010:  Green Devices Show, Makuhari Messe Convention Center, Japan

PCES Japan, a joint venture between Phase Change Energy Solutions and Green Tree Products and Technologies, LLC will be showcasing the latest in phase change building products at this three day show focused on new energy conservation technologies like LEDs, building controls and other innovative products.


November 9, 2010:  Tokyo, Japan
Shoen Kishioka Is Awarded Rising Sun Award.  Green Tree Board of Adviser, Shoen Kishioka was awarded the “The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays” at the Emperor’s Palace in Tokyo on November 9.  The award recognizes Kishioka-San’s lifetime commitment to community service and helping people.  
Our congratulations to Kishioka for this achievement.


September 23, 2010:

Ciralight Inc and Green Tree Products and Technologies, LLC sign dealer agreement.  Green Tree Products and Technologies is appointed as the dealer in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan for their industry leading daylighting products.


September 20 & 22, 2010:
AIA’s western suburban chapter September “Spaces” Series Program features a presentation by Sam Cremin on the quickly evolving world of phase change energy building products.


September 10, 2010:  Central Illinois Green Expo, Peoria, Illinois
Sam Cremin leads a presentation on Phase Change building materials and the merits of Solar Wall’s industrial solar thermal products at the Central Illinois Green Expo held at Central Illinois College. 

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