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Ciralight Smart Skylight Can Reduce Lighting Costs By Over 50%
Optimize Your Daylighting Potential 

Ciralight's Smart Skylights take daylighting to a new level. Most skylight solutions are passive in nature meaning they have reduced effectiveness based on various sun angles throughout the day which creates uneven lighting, hot spots and glare in the building interior.

The ideal daylighting system does not contribute unwanted heat gain and will help to minimize heat loss in winter. Ciralight products lower heating and cooling loads plus maximize efficiency of internally load-dominated air conditioned buildings. 

Learn How Smart Skylights Work:

Smart Skylights use sun-tracking GPS technology attached to mirrors under the dome to track the sun throughout the day and bring high levels of diffused natural light into buildings.

They are entirely Solar powered (no electrical hookup needed) and allow businesses and school
s to shut off electric lights for up to 10 hour a day.

Designed with two thermal barriers, Smart Skylights provide the light of an 800 watt metal halide light without the heat gain of normal skylights.


LaFontaine Chevrolet, well known for its environmentally friendly dealerships,  selected the Ciralight Smart Skylights to be part of its new showroom.   The active  skylights provided a way to provide abundant light at no cost.  Says Jason Bloom, of Bloom Engineering,  who helped to specify in the lights,  the Ciralights offered us a way to provide a balanced level of  lighting with little or no heat gain or glare for more hours per day than any of the alternatives.  Even though they are only providing sunlight, they appear almost like a strong electric light.  They are a subtle reinforcement to LaFontaine’s strong commitment to energy conservation.

See how Suntracker skylights have improved lighting in a variety of buildings 
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Suntracker Skylight: Even Daylighting and Reduced Temperature Gain All Day
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