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December 19, 2011
-Suntracker™ Skylights Picked for Singapore Hawker Centers
-Phase Change Energy Solutions Invited to Join Regenerative Network
Suntracker™ Skylights Receive Singapore Green Mark Certification

December 8, 2011
Ciralight Global Completes Major Sale to Caterpillar Belgium

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GreenTree Products Asia Pte, Ltd.

Developing New Ways to Apply Clean Tech Products in the ASEAN region

Our focus: Providing innovative products for advanced building projects in tropical climates. Phase Change Energy Solutions Inc. (PCES), and Ciralight Global are among the world leading companies we represent. Both are well-suited for new construction and retrofit projects in the ASEAN region. And we understand the local procedures for securing local grants and support

GreenTree booth gathers industry attention at BEX 2011 in Singapore.

        Working with the Singapore government, we recently secured Green Mark status for the Suntracker Smart Skylights. This makes building owners who choose the energy saving Suntracker 1(400) or Suntracker 3(800) series products eligible for government subsidies. As importantly, selection of the Ciralight Suntrackers will help building owners progress towards securing BCA Green Mark, a meaningful distinction in the real estate market. GreenTree Products Asia now stocks the Suntracker Smart Skylights locally. We have a base of installers who are experienced with installing the Suntrackers on different roof materials. Lastly, we can help building owners fill out and submit the needed paper work to secure available grants.


              Gary Choo receiving the BCA Green Mark Certificate              The GreenTree Team and Ciralight CEO, Jeff Brain (with
                                                                                                                                    the BCA Green Mark Certificate)

         Read more about our Green Mark certification here.

Our Singapore company enjoys a close association with the Green Tree group and benefits from their hands-on experience with the product installations in the US, Japan and Korea. Our shared goal is to provide best-in-class technical and logistical services for energy-saving building projects. You can be sure that our set of locally supported green products will continue to grow during 2012. Please contact us to discuss how we might be able to help you achieve your energy conservation and cost-saving goals.

Learn more about our Singapore team here.

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